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Preschool Enrichment

Enrichment Classes


Music and Spanish classes are a core part of the curriculum at MCS.  These classes are innovative in their approach and foundational for lifelong gifts of language and the love of playing and enjoying instruments, voice and movement.



In addition to informal music time and sing-alongs in class, music enrichment classes are also included.  The children have so much fun in class that one might overlook the methodology and rationale for offering music at school.  Young children grow and develop as whole human beings in a “doing” environment. Sensory motor exploration forms and sustains their intellectual life.  All aspects of learning are greatly enhanced when music is a key element in a holistic approach to education.  Research shows that when music, movement, and language are integrated, the benefits are incalculable both intellectually and psychologically.



Bilingual children have demonstrated increased problem solving abilities, better working memory and improved capacity for abstract thinking, among other benefits.  Experiencing a foreign language environment also expands children’s multi-cultural awareness, stimulates their curiosity about other parts of the world and fosters an appreciation for understanding multiple points of view.  At MCS, we offer Spanish language instruction as an enrichment opportunity beyond our traditional Montessori curriculum.



Other Enrichments

MCS also offers additional afterschool enrichments through the year, such as Cooking, Soccer, and Dance.

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