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Calendar Notes:


MCS Aftercare Closures:'
  • 2  days teacher work days ( typically 1 in Jan 1 in the spring)
  • 3 days in November for Thanksgiving Break

  • 2 weeks in December for Winter Break (possible Camp)

  • ! day for Spring Break

  • 1 day in June for transition to Camp

  • 1 week before August transition back to School

  • Most Federal Holidays (Open Veteran's Day)

MCS Inclement Weather Policy

When FCPS has a one-hour delay:

  • Montessori Classes begin on schedule at 8:30AM


When FCPS has a two-hour delay:

  • Montessori Classes begin at 9:30AM

  • Aftercare: before care available at 9:00AM


When FCPS are closed

  • Montessori Classes are closed

  • AC will be closed the first day of a weather event

  • AC will do it’s best to open by 9:00AM on other consecutive days of a weather event if the weather event has ended and roads are considered safe

  • Please note that hours may vary based on weather conditions and timing of the storms arrival in our area. 


When FCPS close early

  • Montessori Classes end @ noon and all 1 PM & 3 PM students must go home at noon

  • AC will remain open regular hours if possible but may close at 3PM depending on the severity of the storm. 


MCS does NOT make-up snow days


Check the MCS website, local TV stations, or your email* for details


Please note that we use “Constant Contact” for our school emails and their website does note that delivery can be delayed up to one hour from the time the email is scheduled.  Therefore, we do not recommend this to be the primary source used for weather-related schedule changes.


Inclement Weather
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