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Young Montessori Preschool children learn hands-on



Toddler Program 


8:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 2-day (Th, Fri),  3-day (M, Tu, W) and 5-day options available


Our Toddler classroom is a Montessori learning environment for children aged 16 months to 3 years (who are comfortable walking and do not have to be toilet trained).  

Young children have their first school experience in a warm, nurturing setting where they can enjoy the company of other toddlers, explore, learn and build a foundation for the Primary Class.

The curriculum for the toddler child is designed to foster cognitive, language, and social development, strengthen gross and fine motor skills, and practice independence.  The classroom materials, which are always accessible, attractive and safe, are designed to encourage one of the most essential Montessori principles; that children “learn by doing”.

An important part of the toddler’s path to independence is learning to care for his/her personal needs.  The Toddler child is given support and positive guidance in practicing bathroom, hand washing and dressing skills, as he/she shows signs of readiness.

The toddler 2-day, 3-day and 5-day programs have before and full day (3:00) options.  Aftercare (4:30 or 6:00) is for 5 day only students.

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